A great place to look when you are shopping for a car is the pre-owned option.  Like everything else in this world, there is someone or something that wants the latest and greatest and you could definitely be taking advantage of that mentality for your own profit.  Shopping for a used car is easier than ever these days if you just have the right mindset.

Every Color Under the Sun

Just like everything, there is a huge spectrum for used cars ranging from awesome to complete lemons.  With used cars, you do need to make sure you trust the person or company you are dealing with.  A great place to start is a dealership that sells certified pre-owned vehicles.  These will come with a warranty and a guarantee that they put their name on.  You can usually find previous rental cars with low mileage on them – rental car companies are big in the latest and greatest game, so they always are selling their inventory to dealerships.  You can also look at CarMax, Autotrader or even eBay for used cars, just keep your wits about you.

Protecting Yourself

If you aren’t going through a dealership or a middleman for a used car, find a buddy who will be your extra muscle.  If you have a friend who knows a little about cars, bring them along.  If you don’t, do some research online on what to look for and what questions to ask.  A great safe place for looking and buying a car is at a bank parking lot.  There’s good security and if you end up liking the car, you can process the payment right then and there with a bank present in the transaction.

Buying a Used Car

Go with the Flow

When buying a used car, you might not get all of your wish list items crossed off.  It’s important to establish what are non-negotiable versus wants and likes.  You need to remember you are compromising a little to get a better deal.  This doesn’t mean you won’t find the perfect car for you; it just means you’ll need to be a little flexible with car color and extras.  Weigh your options with upgrades you can make to the car later.

Make it Your Own

Think of a used car like a rescue animal, you are giving the car another new life with new possibilities.  That car will be so happy to have a new owner who is ready to show it love.  Make the car your own by adding a little flair to add a personal touch.  Want a fuzzy pink steering wheel cover?  Go for it!  Give it a name and lots of appreciation – you should feel that same excitement over a new car for a used car, it’s still new to you!

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