Test driving a car

Cars come with all sorts of features and options and sometimes it can get overwhelming, especially if you are the proud owner of a new car, you might not know where to start.  Eliminate some of the guessing game by spending some time with your vehicle while not on the road and you’ll be a master in no time of all the bells and whistles your car has to offer.  Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started. 

Throw Away the Manual

Well, keep it just in case you have some hard-hitting questions.  Gone are the days of reading the manual cover to cover and walking away with all the knowledge.  You don’t need the manual anymore to figure out how a feature works on a car.  Between YouTube and other videos put out by the manufacturer, you can simply watch and learn as others demonstrate the features for you.  You can bring your phone or device out to the car and practice with the video in real time. 

Spend Some Quality Time

cruise control

Nothing is as horrifying as when you are driving along and a torrential rainstorm hits and you are fumbling around trying to figure out which wiper setting to use – or even how to turn them on.  Save the panic for another time by learning how to use features like your wiper blades in the comfort and calm of your driveway.  Practice switching between all the different settings to find out what you like best and what works for you.  Especially nailing that back window blade with precision will save you stress later.  Most cars come with a screen that is your home base for navigation, CarPlay, and everything in between, so learn what all those buttons do so you can be a master at the console.

There’s an App for That

A really cool feature a lot of cars now have is App integration.  You can remote start your car from an app, check gas and fluid levels, lock and unlock, and so much more.  If you are one of those that walks away from your car and then wonders if you locked it, this is going to be a time-saver for sure.  You can even get notifications if your car is unlocked, and you can lock is with a few taps on your phone. 

Recognizing a Need vs. a Want

Seat Heater

When you are shopping around for a car and get overwhelming by choices, it’s time to start identifying what you will actually use in the car on a day-to-day basis.  Recognize features you will use and be helpful – lane assist, speed controls – versus things that just sound cool – air-conditioned steering wheel, accent lights under seats.  If it’s something that you want and not need, try to see if you can customize it later down the line for cheaper than having it preloaded into the car at the dealership.

Getting to know all the features of your car before you leave the driveway will save you a lot of stress and hassle – it’s already stressful enough out on the road.  Take it slow and do the work so you can have a more pleasant driving experience.

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