It can seem impossible to begin to think buying a car is anything short of stressful and a headache – all you hear about are the horror stories, the awful salespeople and the feeling of being beaten down again and again.  There are so many routes and options, it’s no wonder you start to feel like a ship out to sea with the only person as your guide a shifty salesman trying to make a buck.  Take car buying back into your own hands, chart your own course and have confidence with a few of these options.

The Car World is Your Oyster

Something that can feel overwhelming about car shopping – there are so many options, arenas and choices.  Something great about car shopping – there are so many options, arenas and choices!  Take a negative and turn it into a positive.  You don’t have to worry about finding THE best car at THE best price.  Take the stress away, allow yourself the time to shop around, but don’t let the choices and options bog you down.

Be Your Own Captain

Car salespeople have one goal – to sell you a car as fast as they can.  You need to enter any showroom with that mentality.  They don’t care about what you need or want, they are only interested in what they can do to get you sign on the dotted line.  They are not your friend, however charming they act.  Remind yourself that they are working FOR YOU.  Use them to your advantage to get all the info and specs and know you can ask them for the best price but walk away to have some time to weigh all your options.  This should be your Zen car buying mantra – don’t be afraid to walk away. 

Buying a car

Trust No One…but Yourself

It’s you that is going to be driving the car around, no one else.  Trust your own instincts – we have a pretty good barometer for bull.  People also rarely ask the salesperson for the cons or negatives about a particular car.  The salesperson will try to only show you the best qualities, all the sunshine and rainbows that come out of the car’s exhaust.  Flip the tables and grill the salesperson on their knowledge.

The Gift of Time

Give yourself the gift of time.  Sometimes what makes car buying so stressful is it is left to the last minute and you needed a new car like yesterday.  Always be doing some light research on your own terms, even if it’s looking at a dream car, to keep your knowledge and skills sharp.  You’ll then have a few ideas of where to start and what you are looking for so you can put yourself way ahead of the game to avoid feeling the crunch.

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