Every car shopper goes through the debacle of buying either new or used. This is normal, and you have to figure out what option works for you and what really makes sense based on your budget and the features you need. Thankfully, buying a new or used is not as hard as you might imagine. It all comes down to the features you want, the budget and other factors.

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Why should you buy used?

One of the major advantages of used cars is that they are very affordable. You don’t need to spend upwards of $10000 or even $20000 to buy a new car unless you really want to. Used cars also receive financing options too, so just about anyone can take a loan and buy a car. Which means used is the way to go especially if you lack a lot of money.

Also, most cars depreciate as time goes by. And if you buy used, there’s not a lot of value to lose there anyways. As a result, there’s no real depreciation hit, something that does appear at times in the case of new cars.

Buying used also allows you to acquire cars models that would usually be outside of your price range. Sure, there are things like condition and mileage to consider, but it’s still very impressive. Buying used also gives you access to the car history, and you can see whether it was kept well or not. When you go with used cars there’s no need for massive sales taxes or high insurance premiums either. And you can buy directly from the owner too, you’re not forced to work solely with the dealer when compared to new cars.

Why should you buy new cars?

When you get a new car you know it never hit the road in any way. It’s also easier to get financing for new cars, not to mention automakers tend to provide various deals to sell as many cars as possible. On top of that, you get immediate access to some of the latest technologies out there. And then there’s also the fact that new cars are very safe, since they also have great safety tech too.

You can also add some other benefits like great connectivity, infotainment, and the fact that most new cars also have a very good fuel efficiency. As time goes by, a car will lose its fuel efficiency and that can be a problem. Obviously this won’t happen with new cars. Add to that the full warranty coverage and the new car smell, then you will see why a lot of people still want to buy new.

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In the end it all comes down to your budget and personal preferences. A lot of people prefer to buy more expensive models that are used, just because they don’t want to pay a premium for the new car. However, if you’re a beginner you want to avoid new vehicles, as you can learn the ropes on an older vehicle. It all comes down to the situation at hand, but it’s safe to say that buying a car is a great investment, you just have to figure out whether buying used or new is the right option!

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