There are two types of people in this world: those that gas up before they get below the half mark and those that wait until the empty light starts flashing.  No matter which side you fall on, you are bound to know someone on the other side.  You might get annoyed with your friend who is always stopping at the gas station to fill up even though they have plenty of gas. Alternatively, you might be terrified that they are going to run out of gas and be stuck on the side of the road.

Fill It Up

Those that choose to fill up at the halfway mark are always looking for the next gas station. They feel that it is useful always to be prepared and never want to be caught off guard. Being late for work because you need gas will not make your boss happy. If there is an emergency, the last thing you want to be doing is stopping for gas. That will make a bad situation even worse. Most also believe that they are damaging their car by letting it run close to empty

It Can Wait

Waiting until the car almost empty is the other extreme. In newer vehicles, there is a feature that tells you how many miles you have left. Not only can you see it is getting closer to that big E, but there is a number to how far you can still go. I love this! Many people know how many miles it is to the places that they routinely go, so you know if you’ll make it or not. Being slowed down by going to the gas station is such an inconvenience. Those who agree with this practice would like to fill their tanks as little as possible. 

Professionals Say

Both types of people are partly right and partly wrong! There is no need to fill up at the half tank, but you should not wait till you run out of gas either. According to Your Mechanic, you should not go lower than a ¼ tank. Right in the middle, not too low and not too high. They did mention that with the way they are building gas tanks now it is not the worst thing to let it go below, but we should not make a habit of it.

Car Parts

If you let your tank get too close to empty you’re making the parts in the car work too hard to pull the gas in, which will cause them to overheat. If this happens over and over again, you could start to see many of your parts like the fuel filter and fuel pump beginning to fail.

If you fill up at the half, learn to relax a little bit and let it go a little further. If you wait till it hits empty, you need to find the gas station a little sooner. If you don’t, you may be needing a ride while your car is in the shop.

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