Everyone loves classic cars – from the nostalgia to the styles of the different decades, there are so many fun elements to these pieces of machinery.  Tune up some of your knowledge on classic cars with a few of these fun facts to keep your motors running.

Rolls Royce

This car synonymous with luxury and wealth is actually a good long-term investment.  65% of Rolls Royce’s ever made are still on the road today.  Surely a huge investment, but it provides many years of longevity and car maintenance that will keep you going a lifetime.

Cruise Control

The feature we know as Cruise Control was actually invented by a blind man.  Ralph Teetor lost his sight as a young boy and became a mechanical engineer as an adult.  The concept entered his mind while he was on a drive with his lawyer.  Teetor noticed that his lawyer would slow down the car when talking only to speed up while he listened.  It frustrated Teetor so much that he invented a solution for steady consistent driving.  It was originally trademarked as “Speedostat.”  It operated by using magnets and springs to keep the car at a steady pace.  Other names tossed around for this invention were “Controlmatic,” “Touchomatic,” and “Pressomatic.”

The Dukes of Hazzard

Over 309 Dodge Chargers were used and abused on the set of the classic TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard.”  They each had to be modified to take on all the tricks and leaps required for the stunt work.  They had to put weights in the trunk to keep the car from nose-diving during a jump because normally the weight is all in the front of the car.   The show even caused a Dodge Charger shortage because of how many were used for the show. 

The First Electric Car

We think Prius and modern technology when we think of the electric car.  But actually, the first electric car was made in the 1800’s.  Using electromagnetics, they even knew back then electric cars were better for the environment.  The smoke and pollution were driving factors for the need of electric vehicles.  Not so unlike our modern day needs and goals.  Gasoline cars became more popular because of its speed and distance capabilities, but it’s good to know the electric movement is back in full force today. 

The British Mini

This car has become a British icon in its own right.  It is known for its space saving engine allowing more room for passengers and luggage.  It was the inspiration for many cars to rethink their engine design and put the priority in its passengers and lifestyle.  It originally was invented because of a fuel shortage in 1956.  When gas was rationed, it caused its inventors to rethink and optimize performance in a smaller package. 

Classic cars can be fascinating – and their history and invention add to the wonder.  Keep on moving and grooving by finding out some fun facts of your own.

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