Owning a car is a big responsibility.  Between car payments, maintenance and more, the frustrations and challenges can add up pretty quickly.  Take some of the annoyance of operating your car with a couple new gadgets to make the experience more enjoyable and pleasurable.  You’ll regain that excitement you had as a teenager getting your first set of wheels all over again.

Car Diagnostic Tech

When that pesky check engine light comes on, is there anything else more infuriating?  Say goodbye to the guesswork with little gadgets like Fixd or other car diagnostic systems that will tell you exactly what is wrong with your car.  You’ll be able to explain to the mechanic what needs to be looked at and it won’t give them the opportunity to charge you for unnecessary services that your car doesn’t really require.  They’ll wonder where you got your knowledge from, but that can be your little secret.

Sun Shade

Fancy Car Shade

When temperatures rise, keeping your car cool in a parking lot can be a challenge.  Getting in a hot car at the end of a long day is no one’s idea of fun.  That then leaves you with a pop-up window shade that can feel like its own frustrating game wrestling game.  Look for a window umbrella shade.  It’s exactly what you are thinking – a car shade that pops up and closes like an umbrella.  It fits to the exact size of your windshield, so it’s easy to put up and take down without feeling like you are losing a game of whack-a-mole.

Handheld portable Vacuum

Keeping your car clean can make all the difference.  Invest in a little handheld mini vacuum that lives in your car to help clean up any small messes as they arise.  Crumbs will be a thing of the past with this handy device.  Also keeping a little toothbrush on hand will help get to those tough to reach spots and crevices where crumbs can hide.  Creating a little cleaning kit will make tidiness a breeze. 

Mini Car Humidifier

Say yes to fresh smelling air after a long day at work.  With a mini car humidifier, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to leave all the troubles behind as you commute home.  You can find designs that fit in your cupholders or plug into your DC outlet.  Some even utilize aromatherapy – could it get any better?  Keep your skin hydrated and sinuses clear with this handy gadget to upgrade your drive.


Car Headrest Hooks

Always rummaging around trying to grab your purse or bag from the backseat?  The pain of contorting yourself in all sorts of positions to retrieve your bag from the chasm of behind your seat is real.  Get a couple headrest hooks to always know exactly where to reach for your handbag.  It’s also a safety measure to keep your bag secure somewhere where you know you can always find it. 

Driving can be made a little easier with a few of these fun gadgets.  Take back the pleasure in driving and make your car a haven by trying some new tricks. 

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