There is nothing like you, your car, and the open road, unless you’re stuck without the proper equipment. Having the right car and outdoor accessories is almost as important as having the right car. Obviously if you’re going to be a beach bum it up you probably don’t need the new Jeep Galdiator, but if you’re thinking about a weekend filled with camping and hiking you might be surprised at how much more enjoyable the experience can be with a few of our favorite accessories. 

Base Rack System by Yakima

This is an excellent place to start for every adventurer level, from beginner to pro climber. These racks are made to fit almost any shape, size or type of car and can be used in the most extreme weather situations. The nice thing about this product is that as your needs advance the rack can advance with you and your equipment. 

Bike Mount

Hitch Mount Bike Racks

When planning a trip or a vacation that includes your bike, consider installing a hitch mount bike rack system. These contraptions can transport your bike(s) safely and with relatively no trouble at all. There are plenty of bike rack options out there, but not all of them have the ease as most hitch mount bike racks. You have to check the specifications such as capacity and weight to make sure the rack will fit you and your bike needs. According to consumer reports, the Swagman XC2 rack is the overall winner. However, it really does come down to what suites your needs the best. 

Camping Tents

There are so many different sizes, shapes, types, and even colors of tents. Our best advice is to figure out what needs you and your family want from your tent.  If you are trying to backpack it and pitch a tent on the side of a mountain, you will want something like the Weanas Professional backpacking tent. However, if you’re having a big group get together on a campsite with good weather you might want something more roomier such as this Elite Montana 8-Person Lighted Tent by Coleman. Maybe you have a truck and are looking to turn your truck bed into a tent space? If that happens to be the case, you’ll definitely need to do some measuring and then you’ll be looking at tents like this Backroadz Truck Tent 13 Series by Napier. There are hundreds and hundreds of different tents out there; it just comes down to figuring out what your needs are and reading other consumer reviews before making your purchase. 


Don’t get stuck in crazy weather or rough terrain without the proper equipment. It’s not only a matter of comfort it’s a safety precaution. Most of the equipment you can add on to your vehicles or want to camp with are designed to last a long time. Our best advice is to do your research, talk to your trusted sources and get a first-hand opinion on the product you are interested in.  Adventure awaits you! 

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