Think of a stereotypical car that a woman might want to drive. Is the first vehicle that comes to mind a cute little car? While many women (and men) drive small cars, there are other options. Not every girl dreams of driving a truck, but there are quite a few perks that go along with owning a truck! Once you try it, nothing else will do.


Trucks are safe! When driving a larger vehicle, other large vehicles will be able to see you. Hopefully, the additional size prevents other vehicles from running into you. One blogger put it best, “I like being able to have a higher view. I like a vehicle that is stronger and tougher and can handle just about anything you throw at it.” When we see accidents on the side of the road, the larger vehicles seem to come out less damaged.


Have you ever been shopping just for fun and found an oversized item by chance? Now, how many times have you thought, “How am I going to get this home?” Having to pass up your great finds because it is not going fit in your trunk is disappointing. No matter what you try, a table will not fit in a trunk. With a truck, this would never be an issue. There is so much space in the back of a truck to hold furniture or other large items. Bed covers are available so that all your goodies are just as safe as if they were locked in a trunk.


Owning a truck has so many benefits. You’ll never need to ask another truck owner for help. If you need to pull or haul something, it is easy to do on your own. Being able to do these things yourself will give you independence. Tammy Trayer is a perfect example of someone feeling capable because of owning and driving a truck. She states, “I was a single mom for a while and had myself a FordF250 – it enabled me to be independent, to haul anything, to go anywhere. It afforded me the privilege to take my kids fishing in my fishing boat.”

Next time you need to purchase a new vehicle consider testing driving the biggest loudest truck on the lot.

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