Taking good care of your vehicle involves keeping it clean. Here are a few tips you can use to help you wash it like a pro.

Use Appropriate Cleaners

It is so important that you use car safe cleaners when you wash your car. Not every household product is safe to use on your vehicle. Glass cleaners for example have chemicals in them that break down your car’s protective window finishes. Purchase cleaners that were exclusively made to use on vehicles. Make sure you read all the labels on products before you use them.

Three Bucket Method

This cleaning method is the most efficient way to get your car washed up. Fill your first bucket up with clean, soapy water. Your second bucket just needs to have clean water in it. Dunk your mitt in the first bucket to lather up your vehicle. When you need more soap, dip it in bucket 2 to rinse it before you stick it back into bucket 1. Repeat this until your car is soaped up. The third bucket should contain soapy water as well that is used exclusively to clean your wheels.

Don’t Forget the Wheels

Washing your hubcaps and wheels are an important part of keeping your car in tip top shape. Often overlooked, your wheels are the dirtiest part of your vehicle. Make sure you give them a good scrub with a sponge. Remember you don’t need to use any special cleaning products in this area. Dedicate a bucket of regular soap and water to get this job done. Add a little elbow grease and they’ll look as good as new in no time!


Do your car a favor and invest in some kind of protectant. Wax is a great option and there are multiple application methods to choose from. An article written by Anthony Alaniz and Stef Schrader for popularmechanics.com states, “Many people believe car wax shines up your paint and that’s true, but only part of its benefits. Wax is a protectant, adding an extra layer that blocks UV rays to prevent fading.” The article goes on to talk about protective spray options as well. It says, “Regular cleaning maintenance will also make washing, cleaning and protecting your car easier, too. A cleaner wax could help save time if a full wash regimen is too time-consuming. Wax also helps protect the paint from anything corrosive that may land on the vehicle, such as bird poop.”


Your car can be squeaky clean and still look drab if your headlights are cloudy. Don’t neglect this part of your vehicle. Headlight maintenance is as much for aesthetics as it is for safety. Your headlights operate at their optimal levels when their casing is clean and clear. If you’re wondering how to go about tidying up your headlights, there are numerous restoration kits for less than $25 you can purchase from Amazon.

Utilize these tips and start washing your car like a pro.

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