Summer can be just as hard on your vehicle as winter. There are a few simple things you can do to protect your car from the sun. Here are a couple ideas that will make a huge impact on your transportation experience this summer.

Check your Cooling System

The cooling system in your car involves your radiator. That’s what stops your engine from overheating. Severe damage can occur if this system isn’t maintained properly. Avoid expensive repairs by taking care of your vehicle. has a section of their website that explains the steps needed to maintain this system. It states, “You’ll want to check the coolant level in your car. If you need to add more, don’t add straight water. Instead, add coolant or antifreeze. Then once your coolant is topped off, it’s time to check your hoses. There are several heater hoses that cycle the coolant to all of the engine’s components. You’ll want to visually inspect each of these – looking for dry, cracked hoses. You can also squeeze each hose. If you notice the rubber is soft anywhere, it’s probably indicating a weak spot on the hose. And weaknesses can lead to a leak and an overheated engine, so you’ll want to replace them right away!” Use these instructions to ensure your cooling system is in good condition. This will be the difference between your air conditioning working efficiently or giving a lackluster performance.

Use Sun Protectors

You need to protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle from harmful sun damage. In order to keep the inside looking new, a visor for your front and back windshield will help tremendously. These handy devices block harmful rays from the sun and work to preserve the interior features of your car. They’re very inexpensive and should last a long time. You can find them on by clicking here. To appropriately protect the exterior of your vehicle, you’ll need to apply wax to it. After you’ve washed your car, apply a layer of wax over the entirety of it. This product serves to protect your paint from harmful UV rays. It will keep your car looking shiny and new.

Battery Life

It’s important to consistently check your car battery. Similar to how cold weather runs down your battery, heat has the same effect. The weather, in addition to the various accessories you may have plugged into your vehicle, will shorten the life of your battery. Be cognizant of how much strain you’re putting on your vehicle. Working to preserve the life of your battery is a great way to help your car work at its highest level. If you’re planning to do a lot of traveling this summer, it may be prudent for you to buy a portable charger in case of emergency. You can find them on by clicking here.

Prepping your vehicle for summer is important. Take the necessary steps to protect it from the sun.

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