After your home, your car is most likely the next most expensive item that you have. And often, it is something that we overlook. We wouldn’t let our home end up looking like a pig stye. We clean. The same thing should happen to our car. Keep your vehicle looking its best with these great tips.

Wash Often


Don’t wait until your vehicle looks disgusting. Wash it often, and it will be easier to maintain. Like keeping a home clean, you would not wait until you cannot see the floor to clean. We pick it up each day to stop it from getting out of hand. Make it a regular part of your week to head to the car wash or take the time to hand wash on one of your days off. It will be easier to clean if you don’t let too many days of filth pile up on it.


What happens to all of the receipts and other trash we accumulate while driving to our different destinations? They tend to get stuffed in the sides of the doors or end up on the floors. Clean out the trash daily if you can. Another reminder would be every time you get gas. Instead of just standing there waiting for the tank to fill, use the time to clean out the trash. Investing in a car trash can is another option to help keep everything where it belongs. There are many options to consider depending on where you have room.

Wax or Polish


More is not always better. When we are walking through all the products in the auto section, it can get overwhelming. All of them are claiming to do something unique for your car. There is no benefit in using all of them at the same time. If you can’t decide which product is best, buy a couple and test them out. As long as it is one at a time, you will see which one gives you the protection you are looking to obtain.

Avoid Birds

Birds seem to look at cars as a bullseye for their dropping. It is tempting to park under trees on a hot summer day. Thinking that the shade will help keep the sun from damaging and keep the inside a little cooler when we get back in. The downside is the birds will be sure to leave some little presents for us. Not only is the bird poop gross to look at, but it can also etch away the paint if left for too long.



Giving someone a lift can be a little embarrassing when you have to clean out the seat of all the junk that has piled up. That is no way to keep your car. There are many different options whether you want to store them in the back seat or trunk. Either way, find some attractive containers to hold all the things you need in your vehicle.

Maintain your car like you do your home.

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